In case you’re considering it — or if you’re just curious, here’s the good and the bad, in my personal experience.

I’ve been doing vitamin IV therapy for years off and on. I stopped for a couple of years but recently started going again every couple of weeks for the last few months.

Before I get into the good and the bad of my personal experience, there are many different reasons…

Love this article, thank you for writing it! I'm sure so many of us can relate - I know I can. I found myself doing the toxic comparison of LOOK HOW MUCH MORE SHE'S DOING! I'm the same as you, over achiever perfectionist, and. I have to remind myself daily...ok maybe more like hourly or more - to relax, slow down, make mistakes and sometimes just be. Otherwise I'll inevitably run myself into another burn out. Sending love your way, you are a light and a beautiful reminder - thank you!

Michelle Love

Some of the things I think I know, at least for now. Love is the answer.

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