Chloe Cherry Needs To Understand Her Priviledge.

Emrata’s recent podcast interview with Chloe Cherry enraged me — her entitled nature made me cringe.

Michelle Love


I’m a big podcast listener, I used to only listen to physical health, nutrition, mental health and psychology podcasts but I’ve evolved into some celebrity podcasts as well. I have never followed Emily Ratajkowski, but read her book and listened to an interview with her and took a liking to her.

I didn’t find her book groundbreaking, but I really enjoy her podcast. I find her inclusive, down to earth, smart with her questions and I like how open she is to hearing both sides of an argument (unlike most people these days).

I’ve liked every episode and guest she has had on so far — until Chloe Cherry came on — and no, not because I’m anti porn!

I felt this was the first episode where not only did I have a negative response to it, but I felt it was just negative in general — and I’m not going to lie — I got pretty heated about it…

Maybe it’s because my best friend is a sex worker and is a black woman and her experience has been incredibly different. I wish ethnicity and body type was touched on in this episode — she’s a young white female in a small body. She doesn’t seem to understand her privilege at all. Every time she spoke (and cut off Emrata) she sounded entitled, unapologetic, self centered and incredibly unempathetic.

It literally gave me chills.

I also shuddered when she kept shaming waitresses — and every time she did I felt so bad for all the women listening who now potentially feels lesser than for being a “mere” waitress.

Um — Hello?!

I fucking love a great waitress! What would we do without them? Especially “rich” girls like Chloe Cherry, I doubt she serves herself all her food.

There are also plenty of waitresses who made loads of money and there are plenty of waitresses who aren’t doing it for the money. There are waitresses who love their jobs too — go figure.

This felt like unnecessary shaming. She could have had more compassion in what she was saying. She could have touched on how…



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