Finally Exiting The Matrix.

Before I truly do just feel like a number…

Michelle Love


Nothing is the same to me anymore. I used to look forward to my days. I felt a sense of purpose in my life. These days, I’m just bored. The things that used to excite me, just don’t bring me the same joy that they used to.

Even most people annoy me. I only look forward to connecting with my closest friends. As for everyone else…I can’t bring myself to care. I used to connect with people all day every day, I was excited about it, it was my life! Now, not so much.

Which is weird, because I’m a super chipper, positive, happy person (you can’t tell by the tone of this article, I know — you’re going to have to trust me on that).

Even tonight, when I was walking my dog, I was highly annoyed that other humans were out walking on the seawall, how dare they?

Or in the waiting room at the clinic today, I watched as every single other person was staring face down on their phones…I looked at all of them with literal disgust. I think I scared the woman beside me because she saw me scouring.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering:

I don’t like being judgemental and sharing my opinions bluntly — but right now I’m in a spicy mood. I do not like what I’m seeing with the human race and I need to vent about it. I’m speaking about here in Vancouver, Canada — I can’t really speak for anywhere else, but I’ve heard similar things in big cities.

It’s not even that I’m annoyed that they are on their phones, it’s more that I am heartbroken watching it. We are all so addicted to these stupid screens — for what? How is this benefiting us? Everyone just looks like zombies now to me. We’re lonelier than ever, but wonder why?

Not only more lonely but more depressed and have higher levels of ADHD and narcissism… and we’re wondering why?

The only people who are benefiting are massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists for all the neck tension from staring downward constantly — and of course the tech companies.

Oh, and the weed companies and liquor stores here for all the self-medicating their depression, anxiety, and ADHD. How about just a break from screens, more human contact, some good food, and exercise? Nope, I’d rather smoke weed…



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