More Narcissists Are Men Because They Were Forced To Be

As things change, we will see the number of female narcissists rise

Michelle Love
6 min readSep 5, 2022


I had a great chat with a friend today, she’s a very successful female lawyer – and she is the only woman in her firm. Although many women are lawyers now, there are still more men.

In the states, roughly 37% of lawyers are female and in Canada that number is even closer to 50/50. So, I felt like this is a perfect high achieving profession to examine.

I also come into contact with many lawyers on a regular basis because of my occupation – a real estate agent and company owner. I have to say, most people don’t like lawyers. They consider them to be narcissistic, arrogant, and oftentimes — straight up assholes.

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People are always asking me to refer them to a good lawyer who isn’t an arrogant prick – and I have to say, that request is a challenge. I only have a select few I can refer to who don’t fall into that category.

So this question has sat in my mind for years…

Do narcissists become lawyers or do lawyers become narcissists?

I would normally say, both. But I’m starting to think the latter might be increasingly true.

Statistics show that there are almost twice as many men who are narcissists, and those are recent studies. I would argue that 50 years ago, those numbers would be staggeringly different — with more like 10 more men being narcissistic.

I’m almost certain that in the coming years as more women enter the workforce in “power roles” as lawyers, CEOs, and large business owners – the numbers will equalize.

Why do I think that?

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Let’s use my lawyer friend as the perfect example:

She’s a lawyer who deals with lots of personal injury cases. When she first began her career, she had so much trouble not crying as she heard their stories. The heartbreaking stories kept her up at night. She would almost burst into tears in…



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