Sugar-Free For 4 Weeks! How It Impacted My Cholesterol Levels

The results are in, here’s what changed…

Michelle Love


I just completed four weeks without sugar on June 4th. The main issue for me was ice cream, I had a healthy diet otherwise, so I justified it…until I found myself addicted and consuming it, almost every night.

In order to keep myself accountable for quitting, I wrote an article at the two week mark and at the four week mark. In those articles, I wrote about how I felt and what changes I had noticed so far — the changes were so great, that it was easier to keep going.

If you haven’t read my other articles — you might want to know what my motivation was to quit sugar in the first place. Well…I had been feeling like absolute garbage. I had brain fog, I was depressed, I was getting zits, I wasn’t sleeping — just to name a few things.

So, I eventually saw a doctor to get checked out, and she ordered a bunch of labs. I was shocked to see that my LDL cholesterol was the highest I had ever seen it. It was nearly double what it was at its lowest, years before. When I looked at my analytics (I get checked out every couple of years) I noticed it had been on a steady incline.

I’m 33. I’m thin. I’m active. I eat mostly whole, natural foods, very minimal processed items, and lots of veggies. I don’t drink often, I never eat fast food and I don’t do any drugs….Why the heck was my LDL cholesterol going up so fast?


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I knew it had to be the fact that I had gotten into the habit of having dessert every night. Even if some of them were homemade, even if it was a small serving — it was still sugar. I did everything I could to justify it, but I was just feeling so awful, and deep down I knew what it was.

I committed to a month — 30 days with no sugar and then planned to re-rest my blood to see if my cholesterol was trending downward, as well as some of my other markers like fasting glucose/insulin/A1C and my ferritin (which had been dropping). I was feeling loads better as time passed, but was it all placebo? Or did my bloodwork actually change for the better too?

I was expecting a minimal change because it had only been a month. I was hopeful that it had at least…



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