There’s a Spirit in My House That’s Been Feeding Off Me

I finally figured out what it was, and how to block it — what happened next was wild.

Michelle Love


I’ve been living in a house up in the middle of British Columbia, Canada for the last few months (pretty much in the middle of nowhere) that has felt just a little bit haunted. It started out small, and then grew into something larger, stronger — more distressing.

I’ve had experience with spirits and ghosts in the past and I’m absolutely terrified of them, so I tend to just do my best to avoid them.

Even as a grown woman in my 30’s I’ve lost sleep over feeling the presence of a ghost or spirit in my room. I have a night light and always have. When I moved out to my first place at 16 years old, I had to make sure it was a studio apartment so I could see the entire space. I don’t like empty rooms.

For many years now, I haven’t had any issues but this house clearly has something in it. As I lay in my bed at night, I simply know there is something in my room, right in front of the closet — watching me. Unfortunately, my dog would confirm it by staring in the same direction, unceasingly.

I would pull at my dog's head to look away but he stayed staring right there, transfixed.

Photo by Aidan Roof:

Some nights have been worse than others, but we just came back from a trip where I slept well every night, with no issues with any ghosts, but as soon as we got back and I went to bed on our first night back — I felt the ghost's presence immediately again.

I was finally so fed up by months of being spooked that I reached out to a healer friend of mine to ask for advice.

She connected me with a woman who works to clear out spirits and can do it remotely. Although I was nervous about acknowledging its presence — I was desperate for help and I do believe in these things, so I reached out that evening.

When I called, she immediately confirmed that not just one spirit was in my house, there were three. One was the biggest — and despite me thinking it was my boyfriends' late uncle’s ghost, it wasn’t. Apparently, it wasn’t a ghost at all, it was a negative energy that…



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